Next Generation Cloud Based Automated Trading Platform

  • Visually define your signals and strategies
  • Use extremely accurate event based data for backtesting
  • Combine different types of streams such as market data and social media data


No Programming

Quickly prototype your trading ideas by combining modules in drag-and-drop style. Define custom signals, models and strategies without writing a line of code.

As Precise As It Gets

Find advantage in tens of terabytes of full depth event based market data for the most precise backtesting engine available anywhere.

Combine Data Sources

Analyze incoming data from various data sources such as stock exchanges, financial news, social media feeds or cryptocurrencies and react instantly.

Event Time

Don't be limited to fixed-length bars such as days, minutes or even seconds. React instantly to even the smallest changes in the market microstructure.

Adapt And Optimize

Build strategies that adapt to changing market conditions and optimize parameters to trim your strategy performance.


Create new, reusable functionality visually or by writing Java code.


Your strategies can be run physically close to the target exchange(s), bringing the latency to the sub-millisecond range.

Currently in limited beta

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Frequently Asked Questions

When will my beta application be accepted?

We are gradually accepting more and more users to use the platform.

Who is the platform for?

Currently our users include professional traders, small trading boutiques, advanced amateur quants and academics.

What sets your platform apart from its competitors?

First, our visual strategy construction mechanism helps to set a very gentle learning curve. Second, we provide all data sources as raw and precise as possible, which will produce the most realistic test results. Third, we believe that by combining various data sources, there still is a lot of edge to be found. And of course, we are cloud based, which means our solution is a no-installation all-in-one package. You get to leverage the huge data masses stored in the cloud as well as the virtually limitless computing capacity needed to process that huge data.

How much does it cost?

It is currently completely free of charge to use the platform. Going forward, we expect to be able to offer enterprise grade functionality at retail prices.

Is the platform aimed at strategies with short, medium or long holding periods?

We have developed the platform with the short-to-medium range in mind, however precise market data will provide more reliable results at all frequencies.

Is the platform being used for live production trading?

Yes, first pilot users started production trading in early 2013. However this functionality is not yet generally available to all users. It can be enabled upon request on a case-by-case basis.

Can I use the platform as a hybrid tool that supports my manual trading?

Sure! The platform hides nothing from you, so you can view the data streams and your custom indicators and signals in real time. Use it as a supplement and make your decisions as you wish.